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The 10 Part Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide

Issue #1
Invitation Terms

Issue #2

What Are Save the Dates?

Issue #3
Wedding Invitation Checklist

Issue #4
Wording and Inserts

Issue #5
Response Cards

Issue #6
Wedding Announcements

Issue #7
Addressing Envelopes

Issue #8
Invitation Assembly

Issue #9
Mailing Wedding Invitations

Issue #10
Thank You Cards


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Thanks again!"     --Hanna M.     

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Print Issue #4

Wedding Invitation Guide Issue #4

Welcome to Issue 4 covering wording and inserts..

Your wedding invitation wording will depend on both your preferences and who will be paying for the celebration. Typically, if the bride's parents are paying, it is considered that they are doing the hosting or inviting. If the couple is paying, parents can still be listed just not necessarily as doing the inviting but instead as "daughter of" and "son of". When both parents are paying, they can both be listed as inviting. As far as divorced and/or step parents, it is a personal preference as to how they might be incorporated into the wording, if at all.

In Issue 3, a couple of verse samples were listed with the couple doing the inviting. In each issue from here on, more wording samples will be provided covering different situations.

The first step when preparing to place your invitation order is to make sure that you have gathered all the information you will need and that it has all been CONFIRMED; such as date, time & address of ceremony, reception, dinner, dance, etc.; correct spellings of names (people, church, street, reception facility, etc.) that will appear on your invites.

Be sure to include the address of your wedding web site if you have one. Having a web site is a great way to inform your guests of the stores where you are registered, the names of bridal party members, driving directions and any other information that you feel would be of interest to them. Out-of-town guests might find hotel and area attraction information helpful if they plan to stay a few days in conjunction with your wedding. Almost everyone's on the Internet today so why not keep connected with your guests that way.

Direction/Map card inserts should be included if guests may not be familiar with the location of your ceremony and/or reception.  You want to do everything you can so guests can easily attend.  Speaking of that, you may also want to include accommodation cards if you will have out-of-town guests who may need overnight sleeping accommodations. These cards will provide all the details for the hotel(s) at which you have reserved a block of rooms.

Reception cards can be used as an extra insert to provide details about the reception, such as time and location. If you have room, you might want to seriously consider including the reception details as the last lines on your invitation to eliminate both the printing cost of an additional card and the possiblity of needing extra postage because of the extra card weight. Some invitation styles also allow for corner copy to be added listing your reception details.

Response cards are a must for making final reception plans. I will cover these in more detail in Issue 5.

Save time and shipping costs by ordering your thank-you notes at the same time you place your invitation order. Most of the time you can get thank-you or informal notes to match your ensemble.

Be sure to very carefully proof all information before submitting your order - such as the date, name spellings, ceremony & reception times. Once the order is placed, it's usually too late to make changes.

You want your invitations to be perfect. Remember, they will give your guests their first glimpse of your wedding - will it be formal or informal; is there a special theme, etc.

for when the groom's parents are doing the inviting.

request the honour of of your presence
at the marriage of
to their son
on DAY


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