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The 10 Part Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide

Issue #1
Invitation Terms

Issue #2

What Are Save the Dates?

Issue #3
Wedding Invitation Checklist

Issue #4
Wording and Inserts

Issue #5
Response Cards

Issue #6
Wedding Announcements

Issue #7
Addressing Envelopes

Issue #8
Invitation Assembly

Issue #9
Mailing Wedding Invitations

Issue #10
Thank You Cards


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Print Issue #7

Wedding Invitation Guide Issue #7

Welcome to Issue 7.

This time we're talking about addressing wedding invitation envelopes.

Friendly Advice
Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for addressing all of your invitations. The last thing you need is to get stressed about writing out your invitations. My husband and I had a big wedding so it took me quite a while to do all the addressing. If I had it to do over, I would have given myself more time by ordering my invitations sooner.

Traditionally wedding invitations come with two envelopes--inner and outer.  It's a good idea to address both of them at the same time keeping them as a matched set for when you are ready to assemble. Both envelopes should be addressed in handwriting versus being typed.  The handwritting should be in black or blue ink and both envelopes should be in the same handwriting.  If your design only comes with a single mailing envelope, please apply only the appropriate inner envelope guidelines along with the outer envelope tips to the actual mailing envelope.


Used primarily with formal invitations, the ungummed inner envelope is simply addressed "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". First names and address are omitted. These are also the envelopes that will contain a colored lining if that is your choice for an additional cost.

When addressing invitation envelopes, all family members should be included, however it is best NOT to use the words "and family." Instead, list all guests' names keeping in mind that names of children may be spelled out (for example, "Molly and Tristan") and written below the parents' names in order of age. Also, couples who are dating should each receive an invitation instead of writing "and guest" on the envelope. It is up to you to find out each guest's name.

You may address children, close friends and relatives informally on your inner envelopes. For relatives, addressing them as "Uncle Fred," "Grandma Smith" or "Grandpa" are all acceptable. However, you need to consider who is issuing the wedding invitations by how the wording reads. For example, if the bride's parents are inviting the guests, they would not refer to the uncle of the bride as "Uncle Fred."

Middle names may be eliminated or written in full.


Addressing wedding invitation outer envelopes should be done WITHOUT using abbreviations with the exception of non-professional titles (Mr., Mrs., Jr., Esq., etc.). Professional titles, such as Doctor, should be spelled out.

With the exception of "One," all house numbers are written in figure form and no commas are used when separating digits in house numbers. Apartment, suite, rural route numbers and zip codes are written in figure form. If you are unsure of a ZIP code, visit the U.S. Postal Service's website,, where you can easily look up ZIP codes.

Do not use symbols; spell out the word "and".

Write out state names as well as the words "Street," "Boulevard", "Avenue", "Trail", etc.

Next comes the assembling of your invitations which is covered in details in Issue 8.

for when you and the groom have already eloped or are planning to be married privately and then having a reception later for family and friends.

We've Eloped!
for further details
you must attend a
Dinner celebration in our honor


Mr. and Mrs. NAMES

You don't need a ticket
or an advance reservation,
just make waves
to our wedding celebration.

will be married on
Please join them for a reception
when they return

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