Wedding Reception Accessories

Wedding Napkins

Personalized wedding napkins can play a special role in your wedding reception whether they are cocktail/beverage size or luncheon size.

Printed napkins can display your names and wedding date so they add a very personal touch to your celebration. Often times a special design or your monogram can also be printed on them to match your theme.

Cocktail or beverage sized napkins are perfect for the serving of drinks, finger foods and snacks during a hors d'oeuvre reception because of their smaller size.

Luncheon napkins are larger in size so they are typically used for serving wedding cake or as part of your individual table settings.

Paper wedding napkins are available in a multitude of different paper colors as well as impressive selections of both ink and foil imprint colors. There may even be a design that exactly matches your wedding invitation.

Today's fun napkin designs also include the option of revealing a signature cocktail or a list of several drinks to be served at your reception. Maybe you would like your napkin to reveal the dinner menu at each place setting, or some fun facts about you.

Keep in mind that wedding napkins can be used for more than just your wedding reception. They can add a personal touch to other celebrations such as an engagement party, your bridal/wedding shower, or even your rehearsal dinner.

Menu Cards

Menu cards add a classy touch to the table settings at your reception while also providing a preview for your guests.

The main function of these cards is to display for guests your reception menu items, usually listed by individual course.

Many times they can also list your first names along with your date to make them even more personalized and may even match the design of your wedding invitations.

Table settings for other wedding related events such as an engagement party or rehearsal dinner can also include menu cards.

Place Cards

Whether you choose to fill in the names of your guests or have them write out their own, place cards certainly come in handy for seating arrangements. Designs can also range from matching your wedding invites to simply complementing your overall wedding theme. You can also be extra creative when you choose to accompany them with place card holders that can be either handmade or purchased.

Table Cards

While also used for convenience in seating wedding guests at certain tables, table cards can also be quite stylish adding an additional accent to the center of your reception tables since they are often elevated on stands. You may find a design that exactly matches your wedding stationery or one that simply ties in with your overall theme.