If you are looking for stylish yet affordable wedding invitations, you certainly don’t need to give up one for the other with all the unique designs available.  Keep in mind that your definition of affordable will most likely depend on your wedding budget.

Today we are going to introduce you to several different styles of affordable wedding invitations and what makes them so budget friendly.

A simple invitation card printed on white or ecru paper can be quite inexpensive.  Being printed using thermography and with only 1 or 2 ink colors also makes it budget friendly.  Matching insert pieces such as reception and response cards are also economically priced.

Affordable Wedding Invitations | Lantern Jar

Jar Wedding Invitation

Sep ‘n Send invitations fit their name perfectly.  The invitation, response card and reception card are all printed on the same sheet of paper.  Then before mailing, they are all easily separated by the perforated lines with printed response card envelopes also included.  The cost savings to you are because all the cards are printed together on one page.  All the pieces also share the same ink colors for a perfectly coordinated look.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Elegant Affair Sep n Send

Elegant Affair Sep n Send Wedding Invitation

Seal and Send wedding invitations are a budget-friendly and time-saving choice due to the all-in-one style.  Everything is included in just one piece that folds up into its own self-mailer with no envelopes needed.  The response card is conveniently attached as the bottom panel of the invite with a perforation.  This makes it easy for guests to remove for return mailing.  Being a postcard size, no return mailing envelope is required and only a postcard stamp is needed.

Affordable Wedding Invitations | Shimmering Lights

Shimmering Lights Seal ‘n Send Invitation

All ‘n One invitations include the invite, reception details, any accommodation information and a detachable response postcard.  The cost savings are due to all these pieces being printed on a two-sided single card design.  The response postcard also means no response envelope is needed.  This horizontal style neatly folds up to fit in the provided mailing envelope.  Many of the design choices also let you share a favorite photo or two.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Cherished Moments All in One

Cherished Moments All ‘n One

ValStyle invites have a vertical two-sided design again with the invitation printed on the front.  The information for the reception and any accommodations or map details are printed on the back.  Attached with a perforation at the bottom is the response card which you separate and insert with its printed return mailing envelope.  The cheaper price is again due to the one piece design being printed on both sides eliminating both a separate reception and accommodations/map card.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss ValStyle Invitation

Hopefully these examples of affordable wedding invitations give you some ideas for when it’s time to shop for your design.  Keep in mind that all the styles mentioned here come in a wide variety of designs to fit all different wedding themes.

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