As part of your wedding invitation planning, have you given any thought to sending save the dates to your wedding guests?  Sending them is, of course, not mandatory but can be extremely helpful in certain cases.

One example is if your wedding location is going to require many of your guests to make travel arrangements.  We are invited to a wedding this summer that is being held in another state.  Having already received the save the date has been very helpful since we now know the exact date and location.  It has allowed us to start our planning well in advance.

By also listing your personal wedding website on the save the date, you can provide guests with lots of fun and important information.  In our case, we found information on nearby hotels via their web page allowing us to make our reservations for the wedding weekend.

Another example might be if your wedding will be scheduled around a holiday weekend.  Many guests may make other plans well ahead of time so letting them know in advance of your wedding date could be the difference in whether they are able to attend.

Keep in mind that sending save the dates is not limited to just these scenarios.  With everybody’s busy schedules today, they really are the ideal way to announce your upcoming wedding date months in advance.  This will ensure that your family and friends will reserve that day on their calendars even before they receive your official wedding invitation.

Be sure to include a line of printing that states your wedding invitation will follow since save the dates aren’t designed to list all of your wedding details.

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