Wedding invitation text can be broken down into answering the questions of who, when and where as they pertain to your wedding celebration details.

Your invitation wording will need to answer these specific questions to provide your guests with all the details they will need about your wedding…

  • Who is inviting guests to the wedding?  This typically refers to whoever is hosting/financing the wedding.  Their name(s) should be printed preceding a phrase like ‘invite you to share with us’ or ‘request the honour of your presence’, or however you choose to have it worded on your wedding invites.  This may be your parents or you and your fiance. It may also be both you and your parents meaning all of you should be listed as extending the invitation.
  • Who is getting married? This may seem obvious but it also pertains to how you and your fiance’s names will be printed. If your parents’ names will be included, only your first and middle names are necessary since there’s no need to repeat last names unless yours is different from theirs.  For example, if only your parents will be listed, simply list your first and middle names but your fiance’s last name should be included in the absence of his parents’ names. If you prefer, you can choose not to include your middle names.
  • When is your wedding ceremony taking place?  The proper order of listing these details is as follows – day of the week, calendar date, year and time of day.  Notice that this information is written out in words instead of numbers as shown in this example:

Saturday, the fifth of September
Two thousand eighteen
at two o’clock in the afternoon

  • Where is your wedding ceremony taking place?  Be sure to list the name of the location, the number & street address and the city & state.  No abbreviations or zip codes are included as in this example:

The Bible Church
1111 Main Street
Chicago, Illinois

  • When is your wedding reception taking place?  You can either list the specific time of your reception in a typical numeric format or simply use the phrase ‘immediately following the ceremony’.  No need to repeat the day, date and year which were already included with your ceremony information unless a post-wedding reception will be held at a later date.  If space allows, reception details can be listed directly on your wedding invitation or a separate reception card can be included, especially if it’s a reception being held on a separate date.
  • Where is your wedding reception taking place?   The details of where your reception is being held should be listed in the same way as for your ceremony, either on your invitation or as part of a separate reception card.

These are simply the basics of invitation wording to make sure all the details are properly included for your guests.  Most likely you will be viewing sample verses that will guide you through the information you need to complete as you customize your chosen design.  You may also choose to add custom lines of verse depending on the design of your wedding invitation.

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