I don’t know about you, but I always think of black and white as classic wedding colors – the bride dressed in her beautiful white gown and the groom dressed in his sleek back tux.  Also classic, or traditional, are white invitation cards with lettering printed in black ink.

Dainty Flowers Invitation

Today there are many more options when it comes to a black and white theme.  Below is one modern twist with the design and ink showing in white on a solid black invitation card.

Opulent Filigree Invitation - Ecru with Black Shimmer

Another trend to the classic black and white invitation is to add a splash of color.  This color can be added with a ribbon or an extra ink color for the wording or a colored design printed on the card.

Southern Twlight Layered Pocket Inviation

No matter what trends the future holds, I think black and white invitations will always be in style even with minor design twists.

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