When it comes to wedding invitation designs, there are questions that you can ask yourself when making your design choice. Here is the second in a series of posts based on these specific questions.

  • What is your wedding color scheme? As you are planning your wedding, you may be focusing on a certain color or combination of colors.  Colored wedding invitations are the perfect way to give your guests a preview of your chosen color(s).

TIP: When it comes to invitation shopping online, ordering a sample of the designs(s) you are interested in is highly recommended.  The sample will give you an up-close, personal look at the exact design color before you place your entire order to avoid any surprises.

  • Does your wedding have a theme? A theme can be based around almost anything including the location of your wedding, your favorite flowers, the season of the year, how or where you and your fiance first met, hobbies you enjoy together, etc.  Whatever your theme, you are sure to find matching invitation designs if that’s your choice.  Theme wedding invitations can even be fun in their style or shape.

Stay tuned for the next in this series of posts covering more questions related to choosing wedding invitation designs.

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