In a Flourish Pocket InvitationEmbossed wedding invitations allow you to actually feel the design that has been molded into the paper.  Embossing can be used to design borders or actual pictures as part of a wedding invitation design.  There are several terms related to embossing that you should be familiar with including…

Embossing – The process that creates a raised design by pressing an image into the invitation paper.  Ink or foil can be added to highlight the raised design giving it dimension and drama.

Blind Embossing – An image is embossed into the paper but is not highlighted with ink or foil so it’s simply left as an elegant raised design.

Debossing – The opposite of embossing meaning the image is stamped on the paper to appear indented without using ink or foil.

Pearlize – Commonly used to emphasize the design on embossed wedding invitations, this printing process applies a shiny pearl-like finish to part or all of the raised area.

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