When a couple decides to get married, there’s usually no question that they will eventually be sending out wedding invitations.  But what about save the dates?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions that should help if you are considering whether or not to send save the dates to your wedding guests.

What exactly are save the date cards?  They are cards that are sent out well in advance of your formal invitations to announce your upcoming wedding date.  The design you choose may be printed on one or two sides, may match your wedding invitation design, may include one or more photos of you and your fiance, or may come in a fun design or unique shape.  They may even be magnets that guests can hang on their refrigerator as a reminder.

Why send them?  Save the dates are sent to guests to make them aware of your wedding months ahead of time so they will keep that date open on their calendar if they wish to attend.  Since wedding invitations are usually sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, save the date cards are typically sent out at least 6 months in advance of the wedding.  This gives family and friends plenty of time to plan their schedules around your date.   With today’s busy lives, guests may also be planning vacations or other special events many months in advance.

Having to travel to your wedding, whether it’s a destination or just out-of-town location, is another reason to send them.  Time to make travel arrangements or even to save up money for the travel expenses will be greatly appeciated by guests.

Do you have to send them?  This is your choice entirely since it’s YOUR wedding. Guests will no doubt be grateful for them if your wedding date is close to a holiday or during a time when vacations are common or if they will need to make travel arrangements to attend.

Who should receive them?  Whether guests are out of town or local, they will all surely welcome receiving the advanced wedding announcement.  It’s important to keep in mind that everyone who receives your save the date MUST also receive your formal wedding invitation.  If a your photo is included, the save the date also makes a great keepsake for family and friends.

When do I send them out?  The standard timeframe is at least 6 months before your wedding date, but you can also choose a time that you feel will most benefit your guests.  A destination wedding would require giving guests even more time to make preparations.

What information is typically included on save the dates?  Besides the obvious listing of your names and upcoming wedding date, you can also list where the wedding will take place.  This can include the city & state as well as the name of the church or venue, if already known.  If space allows, you may include your personal wedding website address to visit for travel specifics or hotel information for out-of-town guests (or include accommodation cards with your wedding invitations).  Also optional to list is the phrase ‘invitation to follow’ so guests know more details will be coming on the formal wedding invite.

Now knowing the answers to these FAQs, feel free to shop our online selection of unique Save the Dates.

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