For couples looking to make their wedding invitations really stand out, foil stamping is a great option.  Foil stamping, also referred to as foil application, is when metallic colored foil is applied to the surface of the invitation through heat.  The foil then attaches onto the surface permanently, leaving behind a stunning metallic writing on the invitation.

The Many Options that Foil Stamping Offers

The metallic foil used for invitations comes in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red and blue as well as the more traditional silver and gold.  Having some or all of the text on your wedding invitation foil stamped will ensure that your invitation stands out, and the metallic look will give it a more luxurious, high-end feel.

Foils are eye-catching and can create unusual effects in various light.  Foil stamping can be done with any font, making this a viable option for any wedding theme or style.  The level of elegance with your foil stamping can be further enhanced through the font used, making this a more up-scale event or a more casual affair as best suits the wedding.

Foil printing can also be used as part of the invitation design. It may be used in a border or as accents to highlight the design. However foil is used, it’s sure to be noticed as an elegant touch.

Foil Printing May Not Be for Everyone

While it provides a stunning look on any invitation, foil stamping is a labor-intensive undertaking.  A custom stamp must be created for your invitation.  This makes the price significantly more substantial than printing a standard invitation.  The additional work involved in the foil stamping process also means that the turn-around time for your invitations is longer.  For those couples that are under a deadline, the additional time needed for the foil stamping process may rule out this option for their invitations.

While foil stamping may not be for everyone, if you are looking for that special invitation that will leave your guests talking, foil printing is certainly an option to consider.

A previous blog post explains the many different styles of wedding invitation printing processes in addition to foil stamping.

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