How important would an invitation map be to your guests?  That is the question you should ask when preparing and ordering all your wedding invitation pieces.

In order to answer that question, here are some more questions to ask yourself…

1.  Even though your wedding location may be local to you, are many of your guests from out of town and not familiar with the area?

2. Is your wedding being held at a destination to which all your guests will be traveling and will need directions from their hotel, especially if the hotel is a distance from the venue?

3. Is your reception being held at a site that is quite a distance from the ceremony locale and guests will need to know how to travel between the two sights?

If there is any doubt, it’s probably a good idea to include an invitation map and maybe even driving directions too.  It may also be an option to include the map with only the invitations for guests who you believe will find them helpful.  Be sure to check if adding the extra invitation map will make a difference in postage costs due to weight.  If it does, keep those invitations separate so you don’t add more postage than necessary on all the invitations.

Typically printed on a plain white or ecru card, in some cases there may be a map card available to match your invitation design.  Design options may also include having a map printed on the back of your reception cards or having both driving directions and a map printed on a double-sided card.

Remember, it will be up to you to provide the map and/or directions to be printed on the cards.

Invitation Map Card

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