Chances are you will have to assemble wedding invitations as most printed invites arrive flat and need to be folded or assembled before you begin organizing any extra inserts. If tissue paper happens to be included with your order, place one sheet of it so it lays directly on the invitation covering the wording which may be on the front or inside depending on the style.  All other enclosures will be either tucked inside if it’s a folded invitation or placed on top if it’s a single card with all inserts facing the same direction so the wording goes towards the bottom of the envelope.

Wrapped Up in Vintage Wedding Invitations

Wrapped Up in Vintage Invitation

Of course, pocket wedding invitations are assembled differently if there is a separate pocket to hold any enclosure cards.

Here is the suggested order to follow to assemble wedding invitations but keep in mind your invites may not include all of these pieces:

  1. Reception card is placed directly on top of the invitation wording with its printing facing you.
  2. Response card is tucked underneath the flap of the response envelope with the print facing you so it becomes one enclosure. Place on top of Reception Card (or invitation wording if reception card is not included). The top of the envelope should be in the fold of the invitation (if applicable). Don’t forget to put a stamp on the response envelope or response postcard.
  3. Map or Directions Card should be placed on top of the Response Card with any church directions being on top of any reception directions.
  4. If an Accommodations Card is being included, that should be placed on top of the Map Card with the printing facing you.

You may want to handwrite all the addresses on the inner & outer envelopes (keeping matched sets together) prior to stuffing. Remember…the handwriting on both envelopes should be the same.

If your invitations came with an inner envelope, place all items with the print facing the back of the envelope so it’s immediately visible when opened by the guest and with all folded edges inserted first. This envelope will remain unsealed…with even the flap left untucked. If you ordered a color lining, this will be the envelope that has it. If you don’t have inner envelopes, simply follow these steps for inserting pieces into mailing envelopes.

Finally, place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the handwritten guest names facing the back of the envelope and seal. Remember to have a return address on the outside of your mailing envelope, preferably on the back envelope flap.

For a nominal charge you can have a return address printed on the outside flap of the outer envelope. This will save you extra handwriting and ensure return delivery by the Post Office if the envelope is undeliverable to the intended guest.

If you ordered seals to complement your wedding invitations, place each one over the tip of the envelope flap so it looks like it’s sealing the envelope.

Be sure to view or print our handy guideline when you are ready to assemble your wedding invitations.

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

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