A lot of thought will undoubtedly go into choosing and preparing your wedding invitations but what about inviting certain guests to your rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding.

Sending out a formal rehearsal dinner invitation serves two purposes…

1.  Ensures you don’t forget to invite anyone since word-of-mouth inviting takes the chance of overlooking someone.

2.  Provides guests with all the details of where and when the dinner will take place.  Again, verbal invitations can mean some of the details not being communicated or remembered.

Depending on how formal or casual your pre-wedding event will be, there are all different styles of rehearsal invitations to choose from.

Shown below is just one of our many styles available in different colors to match the rest of your wedding.  Click here to browse them now.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a wedding rehearsal dinner – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/wedding-rehearsal-dinner/.

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