Wedding shower invitations come in all types of designs so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches your special theme, whether it’s a kitchen shower, bridal tea, garden luncheon, lingerie shower, couples shower, etc.  If there is a specifc theme, guests should be able to easily relate to the theme by the design and wording you choose.

Bridal Shower Banner Invitation

Shower invitations typically include the bride’s name (or both names if it’s a couples shower), the names of those hosting the shower, the date and time along with the name and address of the location.  To know ahead of time how many guests will be attending, you may want to include an RSVP phone number at the bottom of the invite.  If the shower is meant to be a surprise, be sure to also indicate that on the invitation to alert guests to the secrecy of the event.  Also included with the shower invite can be an enclosure listing the stores where the wedding couple has completed gift registries.

Another great option for making them personal is choosing a style of invitation that includes a card for each guest to fill out and bring with them to the shower for sharing a favorite recipe, special wedding wishes or marriage advice with the couple.

Mix It Up Wedding Shower Invitation

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