Country Chic Pocket InvitationPurple wedding invitations can really include many different color hues including lavendar, plum, raisin, eggplant, lilac, orchid, violet, periwinkle and hydrangea.  Depending on the shade of purple you select, you may be able to create a striking combination with other colors such as grey/pewter/silver, gold, moss/olive, black, white, aqua/turquoise/teal and shades of blue.  You may be surprised at which colors enhance each other and you’ll know which ones don’t once you see them together.

Whatever tone of purple you select to include on your invites, there are many ways in which to do so.  You can choose a style that has a design printed in that color or the color may simply highlight parts of an embossed design.  Pocket styles may use your chosen shade as the pocket color or the invitation card may be layered on a slightly larger backer card of that color creating an outside border.

Purple Border InvitationOther options include having that color as a border on the outer edge of your white invitation card and/or have it as the ink color in which your wording is printed.

As you can see, there are many, many options if you choose to have purple wedding invitations.

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