English Garden Wedding InvitationRSVP wedding cards, also known as wedding response cards, are invaluable for making your final reception preparations.  The decision as to whether to send them to guests will need to be made early on when ordering your wedding invitations.

As shown here, many times wedding invitation ensembles include matching RSVP cards so it’s quite easy to include them with your order.

Mocha Damask Seal 'n Send InvitationBy providing postage on them, whether they are cards w/envelopes or postcards, you are making it convenient for your guests to let you know if they will be able to attend.  Having an accurate guest count will ensure you don’t pay for guests who won’t be there.  Make sure the date you include on the RSVP wedding cards gives you enough time to provide that information to the staff at your venue.

Besides requesting guest names and if they will be able to attend you can ask for their preference if there happens to be a choice of entree for your wedding as well.

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