With rustic weddings becoming quite trendy, the popularity of rustic wedding invitations has also increased to set the stage for your special day.  Rustic can actually cover a range of different symbols and themes as represented below.

Mason jars can be quite versatile when it comes to wedding decor.  They can be set on tables or hung using their handles to hold floral arrangements or votive candles.  Added decorations include wrapping them in burlap and/or lace or even spray painting them to match your wedding colors.  If jars will be part of your rustic decor, you may consider this jar shaped wedding invitation with its matching envelope lining.

Rustic Inspiration Invitation

Another symbol that comes to mind are rustic, weathered boards as depicted in this invitation design which even includes your initials carved within a heart…how sweet is that little touch!

Rustic Invitation

Chalkboards have also grown quite popular for both decor and creating wedding day signage.  Fitting to that theme would be this invitation with its chalkboard-like appearance.


Even though there are many more rustic ideas, the last one we will cover here involves burlap.  This design not only uses a rustic looking font for the printing but also has the invitation fold up to fit neatly inside a burlap bag and then inside a mocha mailer…how adorable is that!

Typography Inspiration Invitation

If you are planning this type of theme for your wedding, I hope you have found some inspiration for your invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available rustic wedding invitations.

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