If you’re debating whether you should send out save the dates or not, the questions and answers below should help enlighten you and answer some of your own personal questions centered around sending them.

What are save the dates? A save the date is usually sized smaller than wedding invitations and oftentime includes a photo of the couple. They announce the date of the wedding and are sent preceding the actual invitation.  A neat design for save the dates is a magnetic card that hangs on the fridge so guests will have a constant reminder to not plan anything else on your special day.

What is their purpose? Save the date cards serve the purpose of making guests aware of your wedding date months in advance so they will keep their calendar free that day if they wish to attend. Wedding invitations are usually sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. If any of your guests have a big vacation or event coming up, it is usually already going to be planned by that time. Save the date cards are usually sent out at least 6 months in advance allowing your guests plenty of time to schedule around your date.

Is it mandatory to send them? It is your wedding so nothing is mandatory if you don’t want it to be. It is entirely up to you but remember if your wedding is going to be during a holiday weekend or a time when people frequently travel, a save the date really comes in handy and might be expected by your guests.  Some people might even view it as proper etiquette so if you like to stay up to par when it comes to etiquette you might want to send those save the dates.

Who do I send them to? Out of town guests are your most important ones as they will obviously need more time to plan their trip. They will need the extra time to book a hotel, save up gas or flight money, book flights or book a rental car. Plus time to shop for a new dress is always nice! Local guests will enjoy the courtesy of being informed as well.  Keep in mind that everyone who receives your save the date must also receive your wedding invitation.

When do I send them out? Choose a time that you feel will most benefit your guests but at least 6 months in advance is standard. Remember that if you are having a destination wedding, guests will need even more time to prepare.

What are the benefits of save the dates? A few have been listed previously but as a reminder, your guests have more time to prepare. Save the dates can also serve as a form of engagement announcements for those who might be out of the loop and have no idea you are engaged. It serves as a little warning so to speak that the invitation and big day are coming soon!

Are there any cons associated with them? Not really, other than the fact that you are going to pay a little more for postage. But if you get them in a postcard form you’ll save on mailing. And in the whole realm of things, the cost of save the dates as compared to other wedding costs are quite minute.

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