Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

This simple all-in-one style, also known as a “seal n send”, is a very economical and time-saving choice for couples. Everything is included in just one piece making it self-mailing with no envelopes needed.

The response card is conveniently attached as the bottom panel of the invite with a perforation so guests can easily remove for return mailing. Being a postcard size, there is no envelope required and only a postcard stamp is needed. Be sure to place a stamp on the response card as a courtesy to your guests.

Prices for seal and send invitations usually include both the return address printed on the outside panel and also the return mailing address printed on the response postcard.

Each seal n send quickly folds up at the pre-marked folding lines and is then secured by a decorative seal that is normally included with your order. All that is left to do is to handwrite your guests’ names and addresses and attach a first class postage stamp before mailing them at the Post Office.

To see how simple and easy seal and send wedding invitations can be, check out this quick video:

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