Watercolor wedding invitations are a refreshing, elegant trend featuring soft washes of color.  Often times it may appear as though the color was brushed onto the paper.  They are also a versatile design choice that can fit a variety of wedding themes.

When it comes to invitations, watercolors can be used in several different ways to add beauty to the design.  Several colors can even be mixed together creating the background as shown in this warm, romantic design – Blushing Watercolor Invitation.

Blushing Watercolor Invitations

Blushing Watercolor Invitation

Florals are another stylish way to use watercolors on a wedding invitation.  On this particular design, Fresh Flowers, not only are an assortment of colors included but also various shades within the same color palette which creates the look of a watercolor print.

Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Invitation

Artistic style can also be created with the use of watercolors.  This Watercolor Swish Invitation uses the color to cleverly highlight the ‘&’ symbol on the invitation itself and the heading words on the matching ensemble pieces.  This particular design lets you choose your shade of watercolor to match your wedding.

Watercolor Swish Invitation

Watercolor Swish Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the watercolor trend is to have it highlight a special area of the invitation design.  On this Leafy Lace Invitation, the watercolor seems to bring to life the laser cut tree as the focal point of the design.

Leafy Lace Watercolor Invitation

Leafy Lace Invitation

I hope you have found inspirational ideas for featuring some beautiful watercolors on your invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available watercolor wedding invitations.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique watercolor wedding ideas – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/watercolor-wedding-trends/.

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