Planning a wedding is a lot of work and there are many important details that though very little, make the wedding just perfect. Choosing the wording on your wedding invitations is something that should be thoroughly thought through to make sure that all parties who need mentioning are included. It can be hard to word an invitation if you have a tricky family situation but with a little time and research you will no doubt come up with something perfect.

You have lots of things to take into consideration when choosing the correct wording for you invitations. Follow this simple check list before you order wedding invitations to narrow down the best possible wording for your situation!

Bride and Groom Hosting the Wedding

If the bride and groom are hosting and paying for the wedding their names will appear in full but the parents’ names may not be. It is still polite to mention the parents so many times the invitation will appear as:

Together with their Parents
Patricia Belle Marrow
Matthew Hank Simmons
Invite you to share in
Their special and sacred day
As they vow their love to each other…

Notice, as a rule of thumb the girls name always appears first.

Parents Hosting

Most of the time it will be the bride’s parents who are hosting the wedding. Even if this is the case, it is still polite to mention the grooms’ parents as well. The wording could look something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marrow
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Patricia Belle Marrow
Matthew Hank Simmons
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Simmons

If both sets of parents are hosting, you can include the grooms parents’ names directly under the brides parents’ names.

Split Parents Hosting

There are many different cases and one wording will not work for all. You will need to get creative and pick something that will include everyone without offending anyone. One option that is very general but includes everyone without getting into names is:

The families of
Patricia Belle Marrow
Matthew Hank Simmons
Invite you….

If you are going to include names be sure to mention who is doing the inviting and whose child the bride or groom actually is. If only one set of parents is divorced and they are hosting the wedding, simply state their names separately:

Mr. Frank Simmons and Mrs. Cindy Keys
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter….

Once you decide on which wording you are going to use for including names, you will need to make sure a few other important details are included:


Make sure you include the date of the wedding including the year, all written out as words. Also include the day of the week as people usually get married on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Stating the day of the week will help as some people may just remember the weekend you are getting married and just assume it is on a Saturday.


Decide on what time the wedding will take place and include it on your invitation, again all written out in words instead of numerically.


It’s also important to list the name and complete address of the location so guests know exactly where your wedding will take place.


If you will be hosting a reception or dinner for everyone who comes to the wedding, an RSVP is very important. You will need to know ahead of time how many people are coming. Make sure the RSVP date is set enough in advance so you have time to prepare.

Reception Invite

If you are having a private dinner reception that does not include all of the guests at the wedding, be sure to include a separate invitation for those who will be invited. Important details can include if it is an adult only reception or casual attire.

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