When it comes to mailing your wedding invitations, be sure to keep these tips in mind…

  1. Be sure you have a return address either printed or handwritten on the outside of your invitation envelope, preferably on the back flap. This will ensure any undeliverable invitations will be returned to you by the Post Office.
  2. Take one of your assembled and ready-to-send wedding invitations to be weighed at the Post Office to make sure you affix the correct amount of postage.
  3. To save both time and your tongue, be sure to purchase self-adhesive stamps. The Post Office will have several styles for you to choose from or you may want to create your own custom photo or wedding stamps through an online retailer. You can choose an already designed stamp or simply upload a favorite photo to share with guests as part of your invitation mailing. Many times you also have the option of adding your names and/or wedding date.
  4. If you are enclosing a response card with your invitation, make sure you placed a postage stamp on the return envelope as a convenience to your guests.  For a response postcard, there is no envelope so a postcard stamp goes directly on the card itself.
  5. Mail all of your wedding invitations directly at a Post Office about 4 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, maybe even sooner if you are having a destination or holiday wedding.
Mailing Wedding Invitations Wrapped in Floral

Wrapped in Floral Invitation

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