When it comes to modern wedding invitations, you may become familiar with the phrase ‘flip it’ which refers to turning over an invitation card so you can view the other side which isn’t always blank.

Double sided wedding invitations are now becoming a modern trend.  What’s printed on the other side depends on the design.  Here are four creative examples of how the second side of an invitation can be used.

The back side can match the design that appears on the front as shown on this charming rustic Inspiring Lace Invitation.  Along with the design, the couple’s names and/or their wedding date may also be printed.

Double Sided Wedding Invitations Inspiring Lace

Inspiring Lace Invitation

Sharing a photo is another clever use of the 2-sided wedding invitation layout.  On this chic design, Shiny Love, the photo is accented with a romantic saying along with their names and wedding date.

Photo Wedding Invitations Shiny Love

Shiny Love Invitation

Seal n send wedding invitations offer a unique version of a two sided design.  Since this style has the response card attached and folds up into its own mailing piece, the reverse side is printed with two return mailing addresses…one for the invitation itself and another for the return mailing of the response card.  This Love Never Ends Invitation also includes a design printed on the back to match the design on the inside.

Seal and Send Wedding Invitations Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the other side of an invitation is for the reception and/or accommodations information as on this modern Vogue Velvet Invitation.  This will eliminate the need for inserting separate cards showing those details.

Modern Wedding Invitations Vogue Velvet

Vogue Velvet Invitation

Now that you have become familiar with some of the creative designs of  modern, double-sided wedding invitations, feel free to browse all of our available modern wedding invitations.

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