When it comes to folded wedding invitations, there are several different styles with each being unique in their appearance.  Because of the extra panels created by the folds, there may even be more room for a special verse to be printed.

We’ll start with z-fold invitations that are true to their name.  They take on the formation of the letter z with their accordian fold.  This style is typically made up of three panels and may have the option of having wording printed on all the panels depending on the design as shown here.

Spring Flowers Invitation

Another type of fold is the gate-fold wedding invitation.  Gate-folds can be fashioned with either three or four panels where the two outside panels fold inward to meet in the center.   As shown below, the folded panels can be uniquely designed to interlock together.

Butterfly Wishes Wedding Invitation

One of the most common styles is when an invitation folder is created by having one fold down the center of the paper with the folded edge either at the top or side.  Your wording may appear either on the front of the folder or inside as shown here.

Oval Filigree Wedding Invitation

Another unique type of folded wedding invitations is the seal n send style.  There are a total of four panels created by three folds.  The very bottom panel is actually the attached response postcard which is easily detached by guests.  All folded up, it becomes its own mailing piece with no envelope required as shown here.

Daisy Delight Seal n Send Invitation

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