A wedding accommodation card is an optional insert piece that can be included with your invitation mailing.  Their purpose is to inform your guests of the hotel options you have made available for them.  Depending on how many out-of-town guests you are expecting to attend, you may want to hold a block of rooms at more than one hotel in the area.

Typical information that can be printed on accommodation cards includes…

  1. Name and address of hotel
  2. Phone number for making hotel reservations
  3. Hotel website for more information
  4. Date by which reservations should be made (Hotels may only hold a block of rooms until a certain date before releasing any that haven’t been individually reserved, especially if a special rate is offered.)
  5. Group name to reference when making reservation (often the last names of the couple)
  6. Distance from wedding venue (optional)
  7. Special group room rate being offered (optional)

Many times, you may find an accommodation card that matches your wedding invitation design.  Another option is to order simple white accommodation cards, as shown here.

Timeless Sophistication Accommodation Card

Timeless Sophistication Accommodation Card

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