There are many details to attend to when it comes to planning your wedding.  Today we are addressing common mistakes to avoid related to wedding invitation etiquette.

  • Choosing a design that doesn’t match your wedding – Make sure your invitations properly reflect the tone of your wedding celebration.  Your invites will not only provide your guests with all the important details but will also be a first glimpse of your wedding style.  If you’re going to get married in a church with a traditional reception to follow, a more traditional invitation design will showcase that style.   If you are having a more relaxed, casual wedding, your invitations should feature a more laid back design.
  • Misspellings, typos, incorrect date information – ALWAYS proofread and spell check your invitations several times.  Even if all the wording looks correct on the invite, it is always a great idea to have another set of eyes read it over as well.  Your eyes may be so trained to see the information and may miss the tiniest of misspellings or mistakes.  You will want to make sure to double check all the things listed below so they’re absolutely correct before being printed on your invitations…
    • * All names are spelled correctly
    • * The month, day and year are all correct.
    • * No letters are transposed in words such as ‘teh’ instead of ‘the’.
    • * Names & addresses for the ceremony and reception locations are accurate.
  • Forgetting postage stamps on response cards – When including response cards or postcards so guests can reply, proper wedding invitation etiquette is to place a stamp on the envelope or postcard to make it easy for return mailing.
  • Not including a return address on mailing envelope – If, for any reason, any of your invitations are not able to be delivered, you will want to have them returned so you can take the appropriate steps to successfully resend them.
  • Mailing with not enough postage – This will result in a delayed delivery to your wedding guests since the invitations will be returned to you for more postage.  To avoid this happening, take a fully assembled and ready-to-mail invitation to your local post office so they can weigh and measure it to determine the correct amount of postage required.

Now that you know these common mistakes to avoid, you are better prepared for your invitation planning.  It can all start by shopping our online selection of wedding invitations for your perfect style and design.

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