Including response cards with your wedding invitations is highly recommended as they are essential to your planning.  Since they will provide you with an accurate guest count for food and seating arrangements, they could actually save you some money.  More often than not, there will even be a card to match your invitation design.

You will need to select a date by which your guests will be asked to reply so it can be printed on the RSVP cards. That date is typically 2-3 weeks before your wedding, depending on your reception venue’s timeline.

A return mailing envelope is included with each response card and is printed with your mailing address or the address of whoever will keep track of the guest count. Be sure to also include a postage stamp on each envelope as a courtesy to your guests.

If your design happens to be a seal n send invitation, your response card will actually be a postcard that guests can detach from the invite. It is then mailed back without an envelope since it has the mailing address preprinted on it and it only requires you provide a postcard stamp.

Here are some very common wording examples that can be used…

The favour of a reply is requested
before DATE
M _____________
__ will attend
__ not able to attend

We look forward to celebrating with you.
Please reply by DATE
Name _____________
Number of persons ___

You can also choose to be more contemporary or even clever with your wording.  Say you are having a nautical themed wedding, your wording could include…

 ___ It’s knot likely we would miss this!
 ___ Unfortunately, we are all tied up!

Today, guests may also be asked to select their choice of entree as printed on the response cards if they indicate they will be attending your reception.

Please reply by DATE
M ____________
__ Yes, with excitement!
__ No, with regrets
Choice of Entree:

__ Chicken
__ Grilled Salmon

A more recent idea is to also ask for song suggestions from guests if you would like their input…

I will dance if you play __________________

What song will get you on the dance floor? ______________

Typography Inspiration Response Card

Typography Inspiration Response Card

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