Last week we covered the ‘who’ questions that need to be answered in your wedding invitation text.  This week we cover the ‘when’ questions.

  1. When is your wedding ceremony taking place?  When listing the specific details, they should be listed in the order of day of the week, calendar date, year and time of day.  Here is an example:
    Saturday, the tenth of September
    Two thousand eleven
    at two o’clock in the afternoon
  2. When is your wedding reception taking place?  The ‘when’ details of your wedding reception will just list the specific time in a typical numeric format or simply the phrase ‘immediately following the ceremony’ since the day, date and year have already been included with your ceremony information.  The exception would be if your reception is being held on a separate date from your ceremony.  These reception details can be listed directly on your wedding invitation if there is room or a separate reception card can be included to share this information along with the location.

In next week’s post, we’ll cover the ‘where’ questions.

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