Embellished Invitation with RibbonWedding invitations with ribbon are available in many different designs.  In some styles, the ribbon is simply there as a decorative touch, but many times the ribbon actually ties and holds the invitation ensemble together which is what we are showcasing today.

In the style shown here, the invitation is folded upwards to not only hide the wording but to also reveal a beautiful design on the outside.  The ribbon provides the perfect touch for fastening the invitation in place until it’s in the hands of your guests.

Tied Trifold InvitationThis particular design includes side pockets for holding additional invitation pieces.  That section is folded over to cover the verse and to be tucked underneath the front panel once it’s folded over.  The ribbon then secures everything in place for easy opening by family and friends.

Keep in mind that the color of your tying ribbon can also match your wedding colors, especially when paired with an overall white wedding invitation.

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