Modern Border Pocket InvitationIf you love to keep things neat and orderly, you’ll love wedding pocket invitations. They have become quite popular, especially the style shown here.

Besides looking impressive, this particular style is set up to keep your invitation card and all your ensemble pieces neatly organized for guests.  The key to its design is the wrap that actually contains the pocket for all the enclosure cards which vary in height so the headings will always be visible and you will know in what order to insert them.  Once the invitation card is fastened inside and all the other pieces are in place, the wrap folds up to enclose everything inside.

Shimmer Vines Pocket Invitation


This pocket wedding invitation is very elegantly designed to partially encase the invitation card and is beautifully embellished with a white ribbon.


Chances are you may see other wedding pocket invitations as you are shopping since there are many more unique styles available.

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