‘What to write on our wedding invitations‘ is probably a common question among wedding couples when designing their invites.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by this step.

There are many different choices of wedding invitation verses you can choose from as far as the basic wording but here are some tips for the details you need to provide to fill in the blanks for whichever verse you select…

The first determination is who’s actually hosting the wedding and therefore extending the invitation to attend.  Are your parents paying or are you and your fiance paying for your own wedding?  If it’s you, your names will be listed as doing the inviting but you can still choose to have your parents’ names listed in a different way.

What date will your wedding be taking place? – day of the week, date, month and year all written out in words.

What time will you be getting married? – depending on the style of invitation you choose, either all written out in words or as numbers.

Where will the ceremony take place? – name and full mailing address of location including city and state all spelled out.

Your wedding reception information may or may not be listed on your invitation, depending on your preference and whether there is enough room.  An alternative is including a separate reception card.

For more wording information and examples, visit my previous post – Best Suggestions for Wedding Invitation Wording.

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