When you are putting together your guest list and figuring out how many wedding invitations to order, make sure you consider the following:

  • Gather everyone’s list of guests (bride, groom, bride’s parents, groom’s parents) to create a master guest list.
  • Make sure all those involved in your wedding are on your guest list – bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, officiant, etc.
  • Only one (1) invitation is needed per married couple.
  • Order a few extra invitations to allow for last-minute guests and for keeping at least one in your wedding album as a momento (including more in your original order is less expensive than ordering a few more later).
  • If you are also sending out Save the Date announcements, make sure all those guests also receive your wedding invitation.

Here are a couple of tips related to your final guest list.

  1. Be sure to keep your original guest list so you can mark off each guest’s name as you receive their response card back. This will help you to know who didn’t reply and who you may want to contact to make sure they received your wedding invitation.
  2. Be sure to also make a copy of your original guest list for using when recording your gifts and writing thank you notes.

Finalizing your guest list is just the beginning when it comes to completing your wedding invitation checklist.

Vintage Pearls and Lace Invitation

Vintage Pearls and Lace Invitation

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